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Tom Driggett
Concealed Carry Training Professionals, LLC
Wisconsin, Utah, and Florida Firearm Safety Classes

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About Us

Proper training and preparation can make all the difference in a life threatening situation. Knowing your rights and responsibilities can give you a degree of confidence should you ever need to make the terrible and necessary decision to defend yourself, your family or your property.

Where can you learn what you need to know?

Concealed Carry Training Professionals, LLC (CCTP's) offers certified concealed carry training courses providing you the necessary tools and training to confidently obtain a CCW permit in Wisconsin, Utah, and Florida. We utilize Concealed Carry Permit Certification NRA Coursework throughout our training sessions.

Discrete, professional and personal; at Concealed Carry Training Professionals (CCTP's) we bring the opportunity to learn and train directly to you via a certified personal instructor. Whether it's training for an individual or a group, Concealed Carry Training Professionals, LLC provides a truly personal, interactive learning experience with a certified instructor. We pride ourselves on taking the time to answer all your questions, explain our answers clearly and make certain you know and understand your rights and responsibilities. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to defending yourself and your family.


The real benefits of a ccw classes, like the one offered by CCTP's, are reduced classroom oriented stress and distraction, fewer hours spent on coursework, the elimination of noisy environments and large groups, a most importantly a truly personal focus on you, your training and your defense.


Choosing the training location can make a significant difference; whether you choose to train at your residence, your office, a local club, or at my office in Richfield, WI the goal remains the same; to provide you discrete, competent and expedient training for your Wisconsin, Utah, and/or Florida Concealed Carry Permit.

Tom Driggett of Concealed Carry Training Professionals, LLC serves individuals in Southeastern Wisconsin. Call for more information or other available locations for classes.

Other Helpful Info.

On July 13, 2011 Gov. Scott Walker signed into law Act 35, which made Wisconsin the 49th state in the country to allow residents to carry concealed weapons in public places. Stay up to date with CCW Conceal Carry at Wisconsin Department of Justice and NRA-ILA. Know your rights on what states you can conceal carry and what permits are honored at USA Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Maps. Reciprocity maps for Utah, Florida, and Wisconsin.