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Tom Driggett
Concealed Carry Training Professionals, LLC
Wisconsin, Utah, and Florida Firearm Safety Classes

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Concealed Carry Course

The course will take you through the necessary steps to gain an understanding of firearms safety, understand safe handling in both public and private environments and explore concealed carry shooting fundamentals. Classes are available seven days a week at your location or ours. Call ahead for reservations.

Note: Each state has an application fee that is NOT included in the class fee.

• Class payment will be collected on day of the class.

• No firearms are required.

CCW Classes Includes

pistol Course Time: 4hrs
pistol Friendly atmosphere
pistol CCW class Wisconsin, Utah, and Florida
pistol Firearms safety in and outside of your home
pistol Basic self defense
pistol Complete an application to obtain Wisconsin, Utah, and Florida Conceal Carry Permit

CCW Class Wisconsin site offerings

Concealed Carry Training Professionals, LLC (CCTP's) serves individual groups at your location in Southeastern Wisconsin. Concealed Carry classes are also available at my location in Richfield, WI. Call for more information or other available locations for classes.